Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Masaichi" of Higashiyama

I had lunch at a soba (buck wheat) noodle restaurant "Masaichi" in Ichinen-zaka Slope of Higashiyama.

There are several kinds of lunch menus.

I chose the soba lunch set for 980 yen, which has soba noodle, a small bowl of an immersed tuna fish on rice, sesame tofu, fried chicken and fried potatoes.  All were delicious!

The cold water had a twist of lime and was lovely.  It's a small restaurant and very good service.  I'd like to visit again for their hot sake at night.

The autumn leaves are getting brighter day by day.


Japan-Australia said...

That's a lot of food for 980 yen! Looks good! I would like to give it a try :)

Kyoto Machiya Inn said...

Hi John,
Yes, it's a VERY good price for a VERY good food :)
Please enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage in Gifu!