Saturday, November 09, 2013

"Kagura" Sacred Court Dance in Wakayama

For me, Autumn means "Kagura" season!

The only time I can see Kagura in Kyoto is on the night of Yoiyama during the Gion Festival.  But a friend of mine got the news that Kagura is performed in Wakayama Prefecture (next to Kyoto), so we went to see.

Two Iwami Kagura dance teams from my hometown in Shimane were invited for the 40th anniversary of Inami Town Cultural Association in Wakayama.

The sacred court performance started with a traditional playing "Ohayashi" by 4 people.

The first program was "Ama-no-Iwato (The Cave of the Sun Goddess)," a very famous Japanese myth.

Next followed by "Ebisu," a charming God's dance.

"Phantom Spider" was very dynamic.  Kagura's other attraction is their gorgeous costumes!

I especially enjoy the dance of demons!

"Kirime" is a dance based on the story about Inami Town's Prince Kirime.  This is another reason why Iwami Kagura was invited.

It lasted long time of 3 hours. For the finale was also a very famous myth "Yamata-no-Orochi (an 8-branched giant snake)."

I've seen Kagura countless times, and never get bored.

After Kagura, we had pizzas, over looking a beautiful sun set.

Thanks to my friend, I had a very happy Autumn day!

Next, I must see Kagura Grand Prix performance:  November 23rd in Hiroshima Kagura Dome!!