Friday, October 11, 2013

Chinese Restaurant "Gihan Ebisu Do"

At a request of my brother-in-law, I went to "Gihan Ebisu Do" Chinese restaurant, which is in Sanjo-dori Avenue, just west of Horikawa-dori Avenue. 

The restaurant was with full of people and several people were waiting to be seated when I went at 7:30PM. My brother-in-law recommended shrimp vegetable ramen noodle, but it was already sold out!  So I ordered the tantan ramen noodle, which was very good!

I also ordered the most popular item of the restaurant "a set of three kinds of Xiaolongbao."

Black truffle, crab meat, and Shanghai style Xiaolongbao.  They told me to eat crab meat and Shanghai style Xiaolongbao with black vinegar.

They were all super delicious!  I certainly will be back again for the shrimp ramen!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Italian Restaurant "Robinson Karasuma"

Let me introduce the Italian restaurant "Robinson Karasuma" in Bukko-ji Street, near Maeniiya Guesthouse.  It's their 8th anniversary and their course menus of lunch and dinner are discounted until the end of October.  Lunch course of 3,800 yen is 2,500 yen (2,800 yen on the weekend).  

Three kinds of appetizers:   Carpaccio of a white fish, terrine, and prosciutto ham.

Japanese pumpkin potage.

Ten kinds of bread are freshly baked, and you can have as many as you like!

Pasta with meat sauce and chick peas.

Main dish:  Grilled chicken with curry flavored sauce, and a salmon with tomato sauce. The crunchy skin of the salmon is very delicious.

And the dolce of four kinds, with a choice of coffee or tea.  Great lunch, but please make sure to go with a very empty stomach!