Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Izakaya Ran in Uji City

Ran is a Japanese style pub "Izakaya" and it is 5 minute walk away from Uji Station. 

It is a very popular lunchtime spot as well.

Their lunch menu is mainly fish.

And I chose "Three kinds of baked fish," which were snapper, pacific saury, and salmon.

I especially liked the perfectly grilled salmon with fantastic ponzu citrus soy sauce!!

Lunch:  11:30~14:00
Dinner:  17:00~23:00
Close on Wednesday
Tel. 0774-21-2275

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Byodoin and Ujikami Shrine of Uji City

I visited Byodoin and Ujikami Shrine to pray for a success of my art exhibition from the 20th. Unfortunately, the Phoenix Hall of Byodoin was under construction from last month. 

This is a photograph I took before the construction.

 The construction is scheduled to be completed at the end of March, 2014.

Through scaffolding, I was able to peek the rooftop phoenix, and it made me happy.

Even a telephone booth in front of Uji Station has phoenixes on the roof.

Ujikami Shrine is located on the other side of Uji River.

Green tea soft ice cream to cool me down first, before visiting Ujikami Shrine. Yum!

And relaxing scenery.

Ujikami Shrine is also World Heritage.

I liked the Shrine's purifying basin with a lovely rabbit!

Good luck charm "Omikuji" is a rabbit, too.  Sooo cute!

In the precinct of the shrine, there are two large sand cones called "Tatesuna," where god is believed to descend upon.

Although Ujikami Shrine is not very big, it is a great place to visit and learn about the ancient Japanese shrine architecture.

I received a greeting from this beautiful praying mantis after I finished praying!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

DECO Choco of Tirol

My artwork exhibition is coming up soon and I am getting very excited.  Tirol's DIY chocolate kit "DECO Choco" also arrived safely.

And I'm having fun to create my own chocolates, which will be Thank you gifts for people who come visit my exhibition.

Date:  October 20 (Saturday) to 25 (Thursday)
Time:  10AM to 6PM (5PM on the 25th)
Place:  be-Kyoto

Friday, October 12, 2012

Event Information

"Kujo Negi" bunching onion is one of traditional vegetables in Kyoto.  

On October 20 and 21, Kujo Negi Festival will be held in Umekoji Park.  One of the main events is Ramen Contest, where very famous ramen noodle shops will compete to be crowned the Ramen Champion. 

And on October 22, "Jidai Matsuri" will be held.  The procession will start at 12 noon from Kyoto Imperial Palace.
This year's poster shows Tomoe Gozen, a very famous female samurai warrior.