Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long approach to "Tsukihi" restaurant

This long and narrow approach to the restaurant was entertaining to walk through.

"Tsukihi" Lunch

"Tsukihi" is a contemporary Japanese food restaurant, opened about one year ago and is situated at the very back of a condominium complex near Cocon Karasuma. (It's approx. 5 minute walk to Tsukihi from our machiya guest house "Maeniiya.")

There are three course menus at lunch time and we ordered the smallest one. Today's appetizer: tuna salad, Japanese style spinich salad called "ohitashi," and yuba (made of tofu).

Today's main dish: renkon (lotus root) ball with minced chicken and ginger sauce. This was very delicious, especially with their rice, blended with eight grains and beans.

Miso soup of tofu and wakame seaweed, and cucumber pickles.
Rice is free for refills.

And dessert and drink at the end.

Our lunch course of 1,000 yen (about US$10)!!!
No tip also!!