Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baked Yatsuhashi

Yatsuhashi is the most popular souvenir of Kyoto.  There are raw yatsuhashi and baked yatsuhashi, and I tried baked yatsuhashi with ice cream, and it was pretty tasty.

We offer Maeniiya guests baked yatsuhashi.  Please try them with ice cream.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kawadoko Dining in "Nontei"

Nontei is obanzai (Kyoto's traditional home style cooking) restaurant located in Ponto-cho.  And it has "kawadoko" which are dining decks built above rivers.

We ordered one of their set menus (3,800 yen).  Three kinds of appetizers are steamed eggplant, okara (soy pulp) salad, and mizuna mustard and shimeji mushrooms with sesame dressing.

Seasonal bonito sashimi.

Simmered Kyoto vegetables, konnyaku (konjac) noodles mixed with cod roe, and crab and cucumber sunomono (vinegared dish).
Steamed rice with dried whitebaits and Japanese pepper.

Beautiful pink colored plum wine.

Kawadoko was completely full when we left Nontei about 8PM.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Biwa (Loquat)

A big loquat tree in my neighbor restaurant's garden has lots of fruits this year.

They will be used for their menu, I hope (^^)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sake Bar in Gion

Sake's popularity abroad is growing and many of Maeniiya guests recently ask me for Sake bars, so I went to "+SAKE bar+Cafe" in Gion to try their sake.   

Owner's first recommendation was a "sake-tasting set" (1,000 yen) which you can enjoy three kinds of sake. 

This set is great for sake beginners because they all have very distinctive tastes.

This set of three are more for experts.  It was very difficult to evaluate aftertastes, for sure.

This is a low-malt sparkling sake "Dassai."  Very refreshing!

Among several snacks we ordered, our most favorite was a sandwich-style yatsuhashi and cream cheese.  It was too tasty that I totally forgot to take photos!

Owner recommended "Take-Suzume" sake for the sausage.  It has a bit of thick taste.

We ordered a medicinal sake of mulberry for our last drink.  It was a sweet delicious sake!!  And 4 very pleasant hours!!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Zen Meditation in Ryosokuin

I experienced the Zen meditation for the very first time in the morning of June 2nd, in Kenninji Temple's Ryosokuin in Gion.  We arrived at the temple before 8AM, and there were about 40 participants. 

They ask you to take off all accessories and watches before mediation, and also wearing comfortable clothing is important.

After the meditation, green tea was served, and a priest gave us a small lecture which was very profound.  It was a very fruitful experience.  (Fee is 1,000 yen.)

To participate meditation, please contact Ryosokuin by phone (075-561-3216) or by application form in HP.