Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mos Burger

When I want something light and quick to eat before work, I sometimes go to Mos Burger of Shijo Kawaramachi Branch.

A set of hot dog and iced coffee was 300 yen.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ramen Noodle Shop "Takara-Ya"

I learned about Takara-Ya ramen shop in Ponto-cho from foreign guests of Maeniiya the other day. To my surprise, the Takara-Ya also has a branch shop at the Ramen Alley in Kyoto Station and it seems very famous!

As a ramen lover, I went out to try their noodle the next day.

I tried "Takara ramen" (650 yen) and "Gyoza dumpling" (280 yen). The Takara ramen has thin noodles and the tonkotsu (pork bone) soy sauce broth was not greasy, and light.

Self service tea in the old fashioned tea kettle "Yakan"...

This is the night view of the "kawadoko" where lots of bars and restaurants are lined up along the Kamo River near Ponto-cho. I'd have a few drinks in Kawadoko, then go to Takara-Ya for a bowl of noodle, or vice versa.

Business hours of Takara-Ya in Ponto-cho: 5PM~2AM, daily