Friday, December 23, 2011

Obanzai Lunch @ Garakuta

"Garakuta" in Ninen Zaka of Gion is Obanzai restaurant (see three umbrellas). "Obanzai" means Kyoto's home style dishes.

Their lunch plate has a great variety of items and the price is only 1,300 yen! After-lunch drink is also included!!

It may be hard to make all of these at home with this price, plus it'd take me forever. Obanzai restaurants are convenient!

Knitting and Cooking

This time in Shimane, I spent lots of time knitting, and cooking.

My tofu gyoza is ready to be cooked. And my favorite part is wrapping!

Izumo Grand Shrine of Shimane

I visited Izumo Grand Shrine in mid November when I was back in my home town Shimane.

The Shrine's main hall behind this building has been under major construction and the completion is scheduled in 2013.

The Kagura-den (sacred stage) of the Shrine is very famous for the largest shimenawa (sacred rice straw rope) in Japan.

Izumo is also famous for Soba (whole buckwheat flour) noodle. There are many soba noodle restaurants near the Shrine. This is called "Wariko Soba" which you can enjoy three types of soba in a small bowl. 1,030 yen.