Friday, September 06, 2013

Dinner of "Kasuien-Minami" Ryokan in Tamatsukuri Hot Spring

One of the pleasures of travelling is enjoying different meals.  When we were seated, a small Jubako (layers of lacquer boxes) was served.

In the Jubako boxes, the upper box has "hors d'oeuvre":  sesame tofu, kidney bean, burdock root and a maple leaf shaped wheat gluten with miso based sauce. A beautiful presentation from the beginning made us excited!

The lower box has an "appetizer":  ika-no-shiokara (fermented squid) in a yellow dish, and jellied enoki mushroom and junsai (brasenia) in a glass dish.

A beautiful arrangement in a nice Biwa guitar shaped dish!

A very warm soup of sea bream, shrimp dumpling, iwanori (rock seaweed), white onion, Japanese wild barsley, and sansho pepper. Awesome shrimp dumpling and great soup!

Assortment of sashimi.

A famous Shimane beef steak!

Flatfish with root vegetables.

The plate called "Two Summers".

The round dish contains Japanese pumpkin dumpling with baby corns in thick soup, and a square dish contains deep fried sweetfish with vinegar sauce, baby potatoes, lotus root, baby okra, grape leaf shaped carrot.

And mozuku seaweed was really nice and refreshing, after the main dish.

The local specialties of "Nita rice" cooked with famous Mt. Sanbe's spring water, and Lake Shinji's shijimi (basket clams) in miso.

Dessert:  black sugar syrup gelee with grape beans and yellow peach on top of green tea pudding, seasonal fruits, and chestnut cake.

After the meal, we went to watch the famous and humorous local dance performance called "dojou sukui (loach catching)."  We were totally entertained!!

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