Friday, June 29, 2012

Lunch at "Yumi-ya" Restaurant

This is a view of Gojo Zaka Slope, coming from Kiyomizu Temple (towards Higashioji Dori Avenue).  

"Yumi-ya" restaurant is in the site of Kyoto Kiyomizu Hanakyoka Hotel, which is located behind Gojo Zaka.  Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) are parked in front of the hotel entrance for sightseeing.

This lunch set is called "Plate of Feast" (1,500 yen).  Tuna sashimi, tempura, and several kinds of side dishes of seasonal vegetables are served in a boat shaped dish.

And after-lunch coffee is included in the price.  Very reasonable.


Japan-Australia said...

That is very reasonable for a lunch of that description. I also love Kyoto Tower in the background :)

Japan Australia

Lisa said...

The food is so colourful. Love the presentation.