Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Ocha-noko Saisai" of Sannen Zaka

This is Sannen Zaka Stairs (Slope) in Gion.  These people are all going to the Kiyomizu Temple.  In the middle of Sannen Zaka, there is a spice shop called Ochanoko Saisai (see the finger point in the photo).

The shop's new product is Curry Rice Cracker, and I sampled a really small piece, the size of my thumbnail.  It was so hot and spicy at first, but surprisingly it became "very delicious" in a few seconds.  I liked it very much and purchased a few packages.

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Japan-Australia said...

I love that walk up to Kiyomizu dera. Those rice crackers are great as well and love a bit of spice :)

Japan Australia