Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kyoto Cuisine "Gion Yata"

Gion Yata is one of my favorite Kyoto cuisine restaurants.  This is the street in Gion that the restaurant is located.

You are asked to take off shoes and guided to a long open kitchen counter in a Japanese tatami mat room, where you can observe chefs at work.

Appetizer of the day was "Shira-ae," tofu dressing.

And sashimi.

Assortment of Yuba (tofu skin)

Okara (soy pulp)


Chicken meatballs and egg in thick sauce were wonderful together!

And my most favorite -- Nama-fu (wheat gluten) on charcoal grill.

Grill both sides of nama-fu, and...

add a bit of miso paste with snapper flakes.  Sooo good!!

Chef's recommendation -- Sake steamed cabbage and Hamaguri clam.

The last is a rolled omelette.

We ordered "Warabi-mochi dumpling" as dessert again.  Everything was not only delicious but also looked very artistic on beautiful plates!
Since the restaurant is very popular, reservation is recommended. They also have a bar on the 2nd floor.

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