Monday, July 16, 2012

Yamahoko Scene

This is "Mousou Yama" float, also known as "Takenoko Yama."  Takenoko means bamboo shoot.  The float is designed based upon the story:  a man named Mousou searched for bamboo shoots and found one in the deep snow for his diseased mother.  

Now I know why the float is a shape of bamboo shoot, and the pine tree decorated with cotton (as snow) is set on the top of the float.

Yamahoko visit can be more and more enjoyable when you know the meaning of floats beforehand. 

Mousou Yama's "tenugui (Japanese thin hand towel)" are also very pretty.  Bamboo is designed of course.

This year's Yoiyama (July 14~16) coincides with a long weekend, and it was announced that 250,000 people came out yesterday, and 290,000 people will be out today.  That's 100,000 people more than last year!

"Kon Chiki Chin~~~♪ ♫" (Sound of Gion Matsuri)

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