Saturday, July 14, 2012

Okinawa Cuisine "A-goole"

Okinawa food is a good choice in hot weather, so I went to A-goole Restaurant near Kyoto Imperial Palace for lunch. "A-goole" means "hide-and-seek" in Okinawa language from Ryukyu Kingdom era.

Their exotic menu items look so delicious and made me difficult to choose...

After having trouble choosing, I decided Seafood & Umi-budo Donburi (rice bowl) set.  1,000 yen.  Okinawa dessert "Sata Andagi" is also included.

"Umi-budo" literally means "sea grapes" because it looks like grapes.  They are a type of sea kelp that grow only in Okinawa ocean. The texture is a bit like caviar.


Japan-Australia said...

I don't know much about Okinawa Cuisine but it does look and sound good. Probably the most famous dish I know is Okinawa Chanpuru.

Japan Australia

Miho said...

Hi Japan-Australia,
Chanpuru is probably the most well-known Okinawa dish. Goya chanpuru is especially popular. I know pork is used a lot in Okinawa cuisine, including pork lard.