Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer Menu of "Yayoi"

"Yayoi" is a popular tsukudani shop for locals.  It's located in Shimogawara Street near Yasaka Shrine.  From the street, the shop looks very small.

But in the back of the shop, there is a good size cafe space.  

This traditional Machiya style house is called "an eel's bed" because the frontage of the house is small and the depth is very long.

They have a special summer menu of "cold soumen noodle with their famous chirimen-jako (dried very small young sardines)," which I ordered for lunch.  (1,000 yen)

I very much enjoyed the noodle with summer vegetables and chirimen-jako in sweet oil sauce.  Rice balls of Chirimen-Sansho (chirimenjako and Japanese pepper) were really tasty too!

 The shop's atmosphere is very calm and pleasant.


Japan-Australia said...

Looks really nice inside and you can't beat cold soumen noodle in the summer in Japan.

Japan Australia

Lisa said...

I love the little garden

abi_ha_ha said...

Hi Miho,
Found your blog while setting up my itinerary to Kyoto this late summer.
Your blog is superbly have tons of exciting info. Made me eager to be in Kyoto asap :)
I heard about beautiful 'Yuka' dining along Kamo River on summer nights. Do you have any stories or suggestion abut which restaurant give the most unforgettable 'Yuka' dining moment with reasonable price?
Thankyou and warm greeting from Bandung, Indonesia.

Miho said...

Hi Abi ha ha,
Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I will try to upload some "Kawadoko" cuisine information sometime soon.