Monday, February 20, 2012

Kiyomizu Temple in Snow

Very cold morning in Kiyomizu Temple, under the very beautiful winter blue sky. I woke up early to take these precious photos of Kiyomizu in snow as we can see this scenery only one or two days of the year if we are lucky. (Snow melted in the afternoon.)

It's 9AM and there are not many tourists yet. Just a few people taking photos like myself.

View from the 12 meter high Kiyomizu Stage.

Bottom of the Stage, supported by 12 meter long pillars which not even one nail was used.

Snowman is like a 5-story pagoda (^=^)


Japan-Australia said...

Love the blue skies in winter in Japan.

Japan Australia

Lisa said...

Kiyomizu looks so beautiful in the snow.

Miho said...

Hi Japan-Australia and Lisa,

I was so lucky because the snow melted so fast. Blue sky and white snow... So beautiful!

Adriana... said...

You have so beautiful pictures...