Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fumon-An of Kiyomizu

Fumon-An is a souvenir shop/cafe in Monzen-cho (the town outside of Kiyomizu Temple). After you walk through the passage with torii-like gates...

You get to the spacious, pretty shop.

The shop's mascot is "Ofuku-san" (ideal model of women and/or a happy and lucky woman).

They have a large selection of rice crackers.

These are cream-coated rice crackers, and there are many flavors like chocolate, blueberry, orange, earl grey, etc. etc...

I quite liked the illustration of Ofuku-san and Hichifuku-jin (Seven Gods of happiness and prosperity) and bought this gift set of a cup and strawberry and chocolate cream coated rice crackers.


Lisa said...

it looks very beautiful.

Kyoto Machiya Inn said...

Hi Lisa.
Yes, it's beautiful and delicious!

Japan-Australia said...

Looks really good and love all the different rice crackers :)

Japan Australia