Tuesday, January 17, 2012

gurigura cafe

I had lunch at gurigura cafe in Shijo today.

"Guri and Gura" is a very popular children's book about two cute field mice as you can see the decoration in the shop.

The shop owner seems to like squirrels also.

This is GuriGura curry that I ordered. Deep fried okra, eggplant, and lotus root were sprinkled on slightly sweet but spicy beef curry. Chopped roasted nuts had a nice accent to the taste.

Their daily changing lunch sets were already sold out when I got there, unfortunately. (This photo is a lunch set I ordered last summer.)


Lisa said...

Looks like a very cute cafe.

Miho said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes it is (^^).

lauren carney said...

your blog is so awesome. i'm going to japan in 5 days and reading this post made me all wiggly inside. ark!

Miho said...

Hi Lauren,
Thank you so much for your comment, and please enjoy your stay in Japan!