Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gion Matsuri Festival

July is the month of Gion Matsuri Festival and most exciting month in Kyoto

The procession of the "Welcoming Lanterns" of the festival paraded in the city last Saturday.

The procession is very gorgeous with traditional Gion Festival music and big paper lanterns.

I saw a Shinto priest purifying the procession with "Ohnusa (=hemp)" in front of the Yasaka Shrine.

We had a perfect weather and streets were with full of people.

The procession of the "Welcoming Lanterns" goes to the Municipal Hall via Shijo Kawaramachi, where the dance is performed by children.

And these are the children...

A mom is fanning her child with a fan.

This is a group of girls who dance "Komachi odori" which is very popular in Kyoto.

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