Monday, July 12, 2010

Breakfast Noodle @ Owari-Ya (since 1465)

When I have a business to do early in the morning, I usually dine out. My breakfast of today was Owari-ya's "Soba noodle set" which I saw on TV the othe day (soba=buckwheat).

Owari-ya's noodles are made from this famous spring water "Nishiki" which springs out right in the storefront! And everyone is allowed to use this water.

Their breakfast menu is only one --- a set of soba noodle and rice (9:30 to 11AM). And you can choose "soba in hot broth" or "cold soba with dipping sauce." In summer, I prefer cold soba.

And, steamed rice mixed with vegetables is called "Kayaku Gohan."

When I finished my soba, "soba-yu" was served. Soba-yu is hot water that soba noodles have simmered in. It is brought to the table for a customer to pour soba-yu into the remaining dipping sauce and to enjoy as a soup at the end.

I totally enjoyed this 500 yen healthy breakfast!!!

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