Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Susa Shrine in Shimane

A friend from Hiroshima and I went to a very famous and popular power spot in Izumo, Susa Shrine. In spite of it being a remote place, there were many visitors. 

This is the main shrine. The enshrined deity is Susano-o.

It is said that the sacred tree "Great Sugi" has been protecting the shrine from lightning.

There are four kitsune foxes in Inari shrine.

Small foxes are also lined up.

The direction stone on the driveway in front of Torii gate.

There is another shrine across the street from Susa Shrine.  An enshrined deity is Amaterasu (Sun Goddess), the sister of Susano-o.

After the Shrine, we went to the Tamatsukuri Hot Springs.

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