Tuesday, September 03, 2013

High School "Kagura" Competition in Hiroshima

I visited "Kagura Dome" of Aki-Takada City of Hiroshima, a very famous town for Kagura (court music and dance dedicated to the Shinto gods), to watch the high school Kagura performances in the last weekend of July.  Due to my tight schedule, I only had time to see the first two performances.

This is the first performance "Sarutahiko."

It was my first time to watch Kagura by high school students and it was very exciting and quite captivating.

The second performance "Tsuchigumo (Earth Spider)," was performed by girls, which I've never seen before, as the dancers are always males.

The voice was very clear and words were very clear and audible.

The sudden transformation to the demon was also brilliant, and there was a huge applause.

Great performance, girls!!

"Kagura Monzen Touji Mura Village" holds Kagura performances on a daily basis.  There is also a wonderful hot spring and has a convivial atmosphere.

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