Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kawadoko Dining in "Nontei"

Nontei is obanzai (Kyoto's traditional home style cooking) restaurant located in Ponto-cho.  And it has "kawadoko" which are dining decks built above rivers.

We ordered one of their set menus (3,800 yen).  Three kinds of appetizers are steamed eggplant, okara (soy pulp) salad, and mizuna mustard and shimeji mushrooms with sesame dressing.

Seasonal bonito sashimi.

Simmered Kyoto vegetables, konnyaku (konjac) noodles mixed with cod roe, and crab and cucumber sunomono (vinegared dish).
Steamed rice with dried whitebaits and Japanese pepper.

Beautiful pink colored plum wine.

Kawadoko was completely full when we left Nontei about 8PM.


Lisa said...

looks really beautiful.

Miho said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much!