Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ichi-no-den is a Kyoto style miso marinated fish store called "Saikyo Zuke."  They are in business for more than 80 years near Nishiki Market, and offer Kaiseki lunch on the 2F of the store.  

First plate is an appetizer -- turnip, herring roe, ball shaped "Temari" sushi, deep fried oyster, etc.  

Next is Kani Shinjo (a bowl of soup with grilled and dumpling crab).

Simmered "Shogoin" Japanese radish and very creamy cod milt -- wonderful combination!

Main dish is a grilled Kanburi (yellow tail) marinated in Saikyo miso! 

Miso soup, pickles, and rice cooked in "donabe" clay pot were all delicious.  And Japanese dessert "Ukishima" was served at the end.

Lunch is 3,150 yen and menu changes daily.

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