Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Hanami" -- Cherry Blossom Viewing

I strolled through Gion area yesterday.  Cherry blossoms around Sannen Zaka are fully bloomed now.

In front of "Il Ghiottone" -- a very popular Italian Restaurant that reservation has to be made a few months ahead!

"Bun-no-Suke" Tea House.

Ryozen Kannon in Maruyama Park. 

View from the parking lot in Kodai-ji Temple. 

And tea house in Kodai-ji.

Weeping cherry in front of the south gate of Yasaka Shrine.

Path of Nene (Nene-no-Michi).

The precinct of Yasaka Pagoda. 

Cherry blossoms in front of the west side of Yasaka Pagoda still haven't come out.

It seems that "Hanami (cherry blossom viewing)" can be enjoyed for awhile in Kyoto!


Japan-Australia said...

Kyoto would be a beautiful place to see the cherry blossoms in Japan.

Miho said...

Hi John,

I know you are enjoying Hanami in Gifu as well. Hanami is one of many great traditions in Japan!