Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yamahoko Junko (Parade of Yamahoko Floats)

The day of Gion Matsuri's main event "Yamahoko Parade."  

The highlight of the parade is to watch "Tsuji-Mawashi (turning of floats)" at the intersections (See the map below). I went to Shijo and Kawaramachi Intersection around 8AM, and it was already packed with people.

When the float makes a 90 degree turn, bamboo sticks are put underneath the wheels to slide them.  This hard and elaborate technique called "Tsuji-Mawashi" is the center of public attention, and the points of Tsuji-Mawashi are especially crowded.  

Following few photos show a bit of Tsuji-Mawashi of "Niwatori Hoko (Hen Float)."

The beautifully decorated "Mousou Yama" float (which I introduced the other day) is approaching.

Very treasured and antique tapestries called "dogake" have international flavors.

The highest temperature of this day was 36.4 degrees C. Approximately 130,000 people observed the Parade!

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