Saturday, October 01, 2011

Iwami Ginzan in Shimane Prefecture

The long and hot summer is almost over. Under the beautiful, transparent blue sky, I went to "Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine" World Heritage.

When I am back in my hometown in Shimane, I often visit Iwami Ginzan which is the right sized sightseeing spot, and I love to walk the old cityscape. It's about 40 minutes by car from my parents' house.

It is one of my pleasure to look around the old houses which are nicely renovated as shops. My destination this time is "Kigami Shrine."

At first, I receive power from a 100 years old, sacred Nagi tree and a 300 years old Aoi Pine tree. Then I move on to the hall of worship.

On the alter ceiling, a Crying Dragon is painted and it is said to cry when you clap your hands in prayer.

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