Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Vegetables in Season

Summer vegetables are in season in the field of my home town of Shimane. The Japanese basil (Shiso) is a great seasoning for noodle dish and rice bowl dish. It's great for tempura as well.

Cherry tomatoes are best in season and we've been making tomatoe juice everyday.

Glossy green peppers.

Simply deep-fry eggplant and pour (or dip in) soy sauce with shichimi (seven spices) --- my favorite dish.

Lots of eggplant flowers are still blooming. It seems we can enjoy eggplant for a while.

Corn is ready to harvest.

We are having a bumper crop of Kiwi this year.

Pumpkin flowers began to bloom for autumn harvest, and several bees were collecting honey.

Vegetables and fruits harvested in my home town are completely chemical free and they are all sooo delicious!

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