Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Restaurant "Tsubame"

One of my friends in Tokyo came to Kyoto for a day to buy a Chihuahua from a famous breeder in Koya of Kyoto.

Before heading to a breeder, we had lunch at a popular restaurant "Tsubame" in Ichijoji.

They open from 11:30AM, and when we arrived at 11:45, the restaurant was already full, and we were asked to wait for 40 minutes. No problem.

The lunch special was a deep fried Wakasagi (smelt) salad in sweetened vinegar dressing, steamed rice with mixed grains, miso soup, a small vegetable dish and pickles. 850 yen.

It was a healthy, delicious lunch!

And chihuahuas were just so adorable!!!

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